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3 years ago
Mans using a fake dick I'm ded lol
3 years ago
He's fucking her with a strap on then it cuts away to a cream pie (maybe his from another time maybe from another clip) lol
Kentucky Legend 3 years ago
Dude has a baby dick and I’m no doctor but you can clearly tell he’s got some sort of medical condition. Just look at the mans junk it looks like it’s completely swollen or something
1 year ago
Ayo wtf is this LMFAOOO
Y'all are fucking stupid!! 2 years ago
This toy is made for this specifically. Or guys that are normal and want to add extra to themselves. TRUST ME I KNOW. My ex went from 6" to 9" or 10". We did so many freaky things!!! Just so he can make me come 10x minimum and watch me squirm at his hands.
Sex was the best ever with him....fuck I need to go rub myself off
2 years ago
I've got real dick
Deio devil 2 years ago
Is that a real deck of deldo?
Me5 7 months ago
That’s know way to eke a sexy woman! I would have to eat her pussy till she cum in my face then giver a beautiful creampies then 69 the rest of the day
Wolfpack 1 year ago
I love a fat ass like this
Daddy cream 1 year ago
Did her ass just bounce?!?